Current Old Navy Favorites

I have and always will love Old Navy. Every time I go shopping there I never fail to find something I lovewhich isn't always a good thing. But, you can't beat their awesome prices and they usually always have a good sale going on. Now that it's getting close to me using my super cash, I'm browsing items I'll potentially purchase and thought I would share some of my favorites.

I can never decide if I want to purchase dresses during fall season because it gets extremely cold in State College and I like to keep warm. But this lace-up swing and the suede shift dresses are to die for and they seem so perfect for fall. 

Flannels of all sorts are my absolute favorite. I have the gingham one shown above and it's one of the most worn items in my closet. There are a few colors I like and they're under $30 so I might have to snag those!

I'm always on the look out for a good sweater and Old Navy has so many that are on my wish list right now. The grey and white layered sweater is probably #1 on my wish list along with the cream boat-neck pullover. I also highly recommend the plaid poncho! I have one from Old Navy that I bought last year (different print) and I love it. I actually wore it today and it keeps you so warm and cozyperfect for your lazy days and it's currently on sale for under $25. 

All of the vests I own are from Old Navy-minus one that's from Gap, but they're basically the same place right? I love the style of their vests because they have such a perfect fit. I own two of the quilted vests, expect in white and blue, and I'll be honest this style is not meant to keep you warm. They're super thin, but I'm also aware of that when I purchase them. I mainly wear mine before it gets too cold out and if the weather is chilly I'll just pair it with an oversized scarf and/or sweater. 

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