Monograms On Monograms

We all love a good monogram and if you're like me, you put a monogram on everything. I love styling my monogrammed apparel for lazy days or they can even be used to give your dressy looks a more laid-back vibe. The items I shared are perfect for the upcoming fall season and some are currently on sale!

1. Monogrammed sweatshirts are my favorite. These ones in particular are super comfy and can be styled with plenty of looks. You can rock it with a pair of workout shorts and Converse, or wear it under your favorite vest for the colder weathers. Sweatshirt 1 & Sweatshirt 2.

2. I own this same pull-over rain jacket from Marley Lilly, but in a different color, and I love it. The sizes definitely run large, but I think it's a plus when you're hit with a chilly rainy day because then you're able to throw it over a sweater and it still has a comfortable fit! Here is a cheaper option.

3. Monogrammed hats are simply great. I love styling mine with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. There are also so many options when it comes to monogrammed hats in terms of style and color. They're definitely a staple piece for every wardrobe. Besides Marley Lilly, this is my favorite place to shop for baseball hats.

4. Blanket scarves are a major trend for fall, so why not monogram one?!

5.  Monogram T-Shirts are such a simple item, but it's an item every girl loves to have in their wardrobe. They make the best workout apparel and you can get them in long sleeves and tanks. Etsy is your best friend for finding different designs at low prices.

6. These Herringbone monogrammed vests are currently on my wish list. They're adorable and a semi-cheaper alternative to the J.Crew one everyone raves about. Here is also a MUCH cheaper option to a herringbone monogrammed vest

Now go get your shopping on and stock your wardrobe up with all them monograms.

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