Favorite Emmy Gowns

I'm just going to admit it, instead of watching the Emmy's I was watching Sunday night football. However, I went back this morning and looked at all of the photos from the red carpet and there were so many gowns that left me awestruck.

First, I want to talk about Joanna Newsom's gown that got a lot of backlash. She chose a pale pink color that goes so well with her skin tone and the details are simply beautiful and unique. This gown clearly speaks for itself, so choosing minimal accessories was key. 

This gown is absolutely beautiful. It's simple and elegant and Sarah Hyland looked GORGEOUS in it on the red carpet. I love the off-the-shoulder look and how fitting it is. Dreaming of this gown appearing in my closet overnight. 

I really loved the details of this gown. The texture and cut-out in the front makes it flow perfectly and the red lipstick really tied the look together. I thought the top-knot and minimal accessories was so on point for this gown. 

Who doesn't love a jumpsuit? That's right, everyone does and this one Sophie Turner was wearing is breathtaking. 

Can we just all take a moment to adore Renee Barg and Charissa Thomspon's gowns? (Sorry Tracey Edmonds.) The gowns are stunning and as are the ladies wearing them. I LOVE Renee's gown, with the choker and lace up heels, SO gorgeous! And Charissa's gown just has such an alluring design that suits her so well.  

Although there were plenty of other gowns that were worn on the red carpet that I absolutely adored, I wanted to talk about my favorites and how perfectly the ladies wearing them pulled the looks off. If you need me, you can find me daydreaming of owning each one of these gowns. 

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