Fall Must-Have's

With fall fastly approaching, I thought sharing some of my fall favorites would be a good idea! Hope you enjoy.

1. Gap Blanket Scarf: First of all, blanket scarves are a no-brainer for fall and the great thing about them is you can keep them out for plenty of use in the winter time. They're super comfy and this one is under $60 AND comes in a couple different colors!

2.  Suede Shoes: I don't know about you guys, but I'm in love with these shoes. Slip-on's are comfy and perfect for a casual day. These would be the perfect accessory to spice up any look! They're under $60 and come in a couple different colors, however the blue suede are my favorite.

3. Floral Shirt: I feel like this shirt just speaks for itself. The floral print adds a bohemian look to the shirt and I love the added lace-up front. It's perfect for styling with a pair of flare jeans or a leather skirt! 

4. Boots: Boots are the perfect fall accessory and these are simply adorable. These boots are perfect for putting a chic look to a simple jean and T-shirt outfit and they would work great in the winter with a sweater. 

5. Kate Spade Bag: I love Kate Spade purses for every season, but this mahogany color screams fall. 

6. Sweater: Sweaters are my favorite because they're so easy to style. You can throw them over dresses or a simple jean and T-shirt outfit for added effect. This sweater is definitely on my wish list and the great thing about it is in comes in black and grey!

The Army Vest

I feel like every morning that I go to get ready I have a mini breakdown because I swear I have nothing to ever weareven though I have closets and dressers that are flooded with clothes. This morning in the middle of one of those breakdowns (I wasn't kidding, they happen daily), I realized that my problem was that I was too hesitant on mixing pieces. I would look at clothes that I labeled only for fall and was scared to style it with something I would typically wear in the summer. So this morning I finally told myself I need to branch out and try new things, so that's what I did.

I based my look around this army vest, which is a piece that I typically wear in the fall/winter over a long sleeve shirt. This time, I decided to pair it with a graphic T-shirt and a pair of black scallop shorts. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this look!

It's definitely a simple look that's comfy for a day full of classes!

First CollegeFashionista Post Of The Semester

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I just wanted to share with you guys something I do besides blogging and you can get to know a little more about me. I'll share the link down below!

How To Shop For A College Apartment On A Budget

Getting your first college apartment is hands down one of the most exciting things to happenI know it was for me. You have your own place with people you love and you no longer have to go through your parents if you want to go somewhere or stay out till two in the morning. Now, while all of that stuff is exciting, the thing that I love the most is being able to decorate. If you're an avid HGTV binge watcher like me, being able to let your inner Joanna Gaines shine is totally awesome. You want to decorate every room at the same time and buy everything in site, but your bank account says otherwise. Shopping for home decor is a lot more expensive than I originally thought it would be, that's why discount stores are your best friend.

My all-time favorite store for home decor (and basically everything) is Target. I have found some of the cutest things for my apartment here and they were reasonably priced as well. You also have a high chance of finding nice things on clearance. Target's redcard is also both your best friend and your worst enemy. The thing I love the most about it though is you get 5% off every purchase and although it's only 5% it really does add up.

1. Lamp 2. Pillow 3. Wall Decor 4. Accent Chair 5. Wall Decor 6. Pillows

Another great store for apartment shopping is HomeGoods/T.J Maxx. Their prices are insane and when they put items on clearance, well pray for your wallet. I've found decor baskets for $6, wine glasses for $2 each (yes, nice wine glasses, $2!) and wall decor for less than $10. Since they don't have a online site I'd definitely recommend a trip to one of those two stores in the near future.

One last store I want to mention is Kohls. I feel like Kohls isn't the first place people think of when shopping for home decor but I always manage to find the best steals when I'm there! They're always holding sales and you can always find a coupon or two for extra savings.

There are also stores like Michaels that are great for home decor and things to do DIY projects and Bed Bath & Beyond where I found shower curtains and bath towels for low prices! 

The Bomber Jacket

Every outfit deserves a staple piece that will ultimately make it stand out. Some make their staple piece jewelry and others make it a pair of shoesI on the other hand decided to take a different approach.

I decided to style this jean skirt with an off-the-shoulder bodysuit. At first, I was a little hesitant about purchasing a bodysuit because I wasn't sure if it would be comfortable or have a nice fit. But after I tried it on I just couldn't say no! It's comfy and has the most perfect fit that could basically go with anything from skirts, shorts or even a pair of jeans.  I decided to just stick with a pair of nude heels because let's be real, they go with anything and everything. I then finished the look off with this STUNNING bomber jacket. The first time I saw it on the mannequin in Express I literally could not stop eyeing it downIt was obvious my wardrobe needed it.

Shop This Post: Jean SkirtOff-the-shoulder TopBomber JacketNude Heels

Stay tuned to see this outfit featured on my first CollegeFashionista post of the semester!

How To Dress For The Job Featuring Express

We're getting older and whether we like to think about it or not, we're coming to the stage in our lives where we have to obtain a grown up job. A job with set hours, deadlines and most importantlyA dress code. However, some of you may be lucky enough to land a job where a dress code doesn't apply. In that case, let me know what that job is and how I can apply.

Stores like Express are by far the best place to shop for clothes that are suitable for the workplace. They're both fashionable and reasonably priced. Below are some of my favorite pieces from Express that have been on my wish list.

Links of items listed above: 

Please Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Express. I simply just love their clothing and wanted to share!

First Day of Classes

Whether it be your first day back to high school or college, it's a day that's bittersweet to all. It's now time to leave behind the carefree nights with nights filled with cramming for those tests and essays. The first day back is always nice because everyone dresses their best that day, even the people who wear sweatpants 99% of the time. For my last first day of college (crazy, I know) I styled this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top from Banana Republic with a pair of jean shorts. I wanted to create a more casual type of look, which is why I went with a pair of jean shorts rather than a skirt or pair of chino shorts. To keep the attention more on the top, I finished the look off with a pair of lace-up nude sandals. It's a comfy yet gorgeous look!

Top: The one I'm wearing is sold out in all but one size, so if it's your size snag it up! However, here are a few of my favorite options - Option 1Option 2.

Bottoms: Jeans Shorts - On sale and under $30!

Sandals: The pair I'm wearing are sold out so here are a couple similar options - Option 1Option 2.